Nude Aesthetics: Practical Tips for Doing Nude Photography

Nude Photography Introduction

Nude photography is something we’re all familiar with. To be precise, we’re not talking about taking nudes for your partner. Well, some people consider that photography, too, but let’s focus on the kind of practice that requires a model and a photographer.


Many people believe that it would be anyone’s dream to photograph a naked body. However, nude photography isn’t sexual or perverted in the slightest. People who specialize in nude photography consider this a form of art. They believe that people can use their bodies as a form of expression, therefore creating an art form with just their figures.


On the other hand, not everyone is willing to model in the nude because of so many stereotypes. But nude models claim that this kind of expressionism is liberating and validating, helping them boost their confidence.

In this nude photography guide, we’ll tell you about

Double penetration: Pump up your sex life

If you are one of many people who fantasize about double penetration, there are a couple of things you should know. Here, we will talk about ways to do it, how to prepare, and what you can expect from it.

What is double penetration?

Double penetration is a sexual act where a woman is penetrated both anally and vaginally at the same time. This is a common practice in porn movies, but many people have the desire to try it at home.

There are a few ways you can achieve this. Firstly, a woman can enjoy herself using two different toys for both types of stimulation. The second option is to play with a partner and use a toy to simulate double penetration. Naturally, you can choose the preferred type of sex toy as well as its position and your partner’s position.

Finally, you can eliminate toys completely, and instead

How To Photograph People Having Sex Without It Becoming Porn

For a guy who photographs couples having sex, Ricardo Scipio gets particularly uncomfortable when the P word is mentioned.

Within minutes of speaking to the Courier, the 53-year-old photographer is quick to disassociate his vision with pornography. Instead, he uses terms such as joy, sex positive and celebration when referring to getting shots of couples getting hot.

Scipio is in the midst of a mounting a cross-Canada tour to take photos for the second instalment of his book, The Sex Goddess Project Book 2. He’s currently booking shoots in Vancouver and across the region before heading to the Maritimes this summer.

It’s his seventh jaunt across the country in the last six years, all the while documenting the deed.

“I’d spent my whole career trying to avoid doing anything sexual because I didn’t want my work compared to porn and I didn’t even want it compared to any sort of …

Time to Take Some Nudes

One of the interesting side effects of recent self-isolation measures is that people seem to be getting hornier. Maybe it’s a primal response to the anxiety of the moment, or a desire for human contact that has hardened into something more carnal. Perhaps it’s just the nice weather. But unless you’re quarantined with a regular or potential sexual partner, your options for having sex with another person are limited. Which leads me to my point: It’s a good time to take some nudes.

Whether you’re replenishing your stash or have free time and want to experiment with your living room’s flattering 2 p.m. lighting, now is the moment to take, and perhaps send, some naked photos. (Of course, you’ll first want to make sure the receiver wants to receive your photos.)

Below, our best advice on how to take a great nude, whether or not you own a full-length mirror.…

This Photographer Photographs Women Before, During, and After Orgasms

It’s 2020, and for some reason, female sexuality is still a highly taboo topic in many circles. Sure, you talk to your friends about it and read about it in magazines, but it’s not like we’re seeing photos of random women orgasming all across the Internet — until now, that is.

Photographer Marcos Alberti, who gained fame recently for his “3 Glasses Later” project, in which he photographed people after one, two, and three glasses of wine, recently started “The O Project,” in which he photographs women before, during, and after orgasms. In nearly all of the photos, which you can scroll through on Alberti’s website, the women look happier, more relaxed, and, in many cases, a little more red-cheeked in their final pictures than in their first, pre-orgasm ones. (Obviously.)

So far, Alberti has photographed 22 women from all around the world and of all different ages for the …

The Perfect Sex Toy For Your Love Hole

Advancements in the design and production of sex toys in recent years make positive changes in the sex life of all users. As a beginner to the sex toy collection, you like to explore everything about the best suitable sex toys designed to make users happier than ever. You may have different ideas about how to use the sex toy and please your love hole in different aspects. You can directly focus on everything about the best dildos and make a good decision to buy and use one of the most appropriate dildos. You will get the absolute assistance and ensure about the stress-free method to choose and buy one of the most suitable dildos. You will be encouraged to properly use the best dildo and realize your dream about the enhanced approach for sexual satisfaction.

Ever-increasing dildo options on online

Thousands of shapes and styles of dildos on the …

If You Were To Keep A Secret, Make It a Ben Wa Ball

Ben Wa balls are sex toys recognized and appreciated for decades, and this is explained for two reasons. Indeed, these items, at first, provide feelings of intense pleasure once they are inserted into the vagina, since they gain volume and support the muscles of the perineum during each of your movements. Then, by pressing your muscles, the Ben Wa balls have the interest of muscle these, allowing you to better control your bladder or your orgasms, among others.

However, the selection of these products is not done lightly since many criteria are to be taken into account, especially since no one has the same morphology. Some will prefer small, light-weight Ben Wa balls, such as Kegel balls, while others will prefer heavier and wider ones. The choice is not only limited to design, but also to your well-being, hence the importance of making the right choice. Expert will explain to …

The Surprising Versatility of Yoni Eggs

In order to get the full benefit of love balls and to achieve a training effect, it is important to place the balls well. You are sitting properly when you do not feel it when you are resting. In any case, no uncomfortable feeling should arise – the goal is wonderful filling. Only the slight swinging movements should remind you that you have a little secret in it.

What is perceived as pleasant (diameter, number of balls, material), varies from woman to woman, because each body is built differently. This fact also comes into play when inserting the balls. In order to facilitate placement, a comfortable, relaxed position is an advantage – it is also advisable to slightly warm the balls in the palms of your hands. For women with a narrow body, the use of a lubricant is also helpful. So if you want to know are yoni eggs …

Maximizing Your Cock’s Pleasure Points with a penis Plug

Self-gratification of a man with sex toys is not as familiar as it should be. Tapping yourself with your hands every time will also get bored in the long run. But sex toys can offer a solution and add a whole new dimension to your sex life. They are very good to use by the modern man who does self-gratification. It really makes it even better. Nowadays, several are available in the well-known online stores. Lest find out what is special about sex with penis plug?

It is no longer exclusively for women, more and more men find their way there. Once tried, you are really sold and thought to yourself, why did not I think of that before!

The best known self-gratification toys among women but also among men are the dildo and vibrator. You can actually use every sex toy that appeals to you. But we also have …

The One Pro And Many Cons Of Anal Bleaching

Pucker up and brighten that butthole…


Or not.


Preferably not.


Skin lightening or brightening is not a new concept – places like China, Korea, and Japan make an absolute killing off of products that “bleach” the skin.


But now gravity has gripped the idea and brought it more southwards – to your genital area. And, as my job as sex blogger, and as a human being with skin, I guess I get to throw in my two cents.




Well, I guess the one piece of good news is that it doesn’t actually involve bleach.  The rest of the story depends on what method you use.


The end result, however, is a bum hole, vulva-area, or penis that should “match the rest of your skin tone”.


…Because apparently that’s important for some reason – whether through celebrity stories, porn, …