The One Pro And Many Cons Of Anal Bleaching

Pucker up and brighten that butthole…


Or not.


Preferably not.


Skin lightening or brightening is not a new concept – places like China, Korea, and Japan make an absolute killing off of products that “bleach” the skin.


But now gravity has gripped the idea and brought it more southwards – to your genital area. And, as my job as sex blogger, and as a human being with skin, I guess I get to throw in my two cents.




Well, I guess the one piece of good news is that it doesn’t actually involve bleach.  The rest of the story depends on what method you use.


The end result, however, is a bum hole, vulva-area, or penis that should “match the rest of your skin tone”.


…Because apparently that’s important for some reason – whether through celebrity stories, porn, …

Ways To Care For Your Sub After Play

If you’re getting into any form of BDSM, you’ll need to learn proper aftercare.  Here are the basics and a list of suggestions




In short, it’s a fancy way of saying that everyone is okay and happy after playing around in BDSM.


It’s also gently bringing someone back to reality (from the fantasy of play) and helping them feel grounded again and/or re-establishing the normal, loving roles you would normally assume (if you’re in a relationship).


But, there’s a lot to aftercare that many new players might not realize – including special attention to physical and mental or emotional needs.


It’s also important when dealing with physical injuries or “drop”.





When you’re playing around in BDSM, there are often spikes of endorphins and adrenaline (especially if you’re doing something intense). When you crash from this …

March houses National Awkward Moments Day!

And, in light of this wonderful holiday, I’ve decided to spread the love – as well as add in a few moments most of us can relate to.  Enjoy!





Smashing your teeth together REALLY hard

in the middle of a passionate kiss.





Trying to get pubic hair out of your mouth.





When you just can’t seem to sync up your “rhythms”





Queefing. While most women know about it,

it can’t still shock the hell out of some men.





Realizing your “porn move” isn’t working and so NOT sexy.



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


How about you, dear readers? Does anyone feel like sharing theirs?

Sex Toys: Guide for the Beginners

The sex industry is constantly growing and developing. Manufacturers invent new and new toys. But the sophisticated buyer is sometimes very difficult to surprise. Indeed, despite the fact that the shelves of sex shops are crammed with toys, to create something fundamentally new, functional and unique, is really difficult. Today we will tell you about such a toy that managed to cope with this task. This is a new word in the sex products industry – Pulsators, the sex toys for beginners from the company Fun Factory! What is their uniqueness and how they differ from the usual vibrators and dildos, read below.

Pulsator is a toy that imitates frictions; it performs reciprocating movements with different speed and rhythm. This differs from conventional vibrators, rotary vibro-computers and vacuum stimulants. A pulsator is a hollow body, inside of which there is a heavy metal load moving due to magnets. It …