If You Were To Keep A Secret, Make It a Ben Wa Ball

Ben Wa balls are sex toys recognized and appreciated for decades, and this is explained for two reasons. Indeed, these items, at first, provide feelings of intense pleasure once they are inserted into the vagina, since they gain volume and support the muscles of the perineum during each of your movements. Then, by pressing your muscles, the Ben Wa balls have the interest of muscle these, allowing you to better control your bladder or your orgasms, among others.

However, the selection of these products is not done lightly since many criteria are to be taken into account, especially since no one has the same morphology. Some will prefer small, light-weight Ben Wa balls, such as Kegel balls, while others will prefer heavier and wider ones. The choice is not only limited to design, but also to your well-being, hence the importance of making the right choice. Expert will explain to you point by point how to choose your Ben Wa balls in order that your expectations are met and your goals achieved.

The different balls of Ben Wa

Ben Wa balls come in all shapes, at all costs, and for all needs, so it’s important to know how to balance things and to be able to compare them properly to make the best choice that is.

The simple Ben Wa balls

The simple Ben Wa balls, are particularly suitable for all women who prefer the bodybuilding of their perineum to their pleasure. Indeed, the latter have the distinction of acting directly on the muscles of the vagina to strengthen them. To use them, after having inserted them, you will simply have to move and move as usual, and they will do the rest. You will quickly feel the change in your intimate part since you will better control, among other things, your bladder and your orgasms.

The double Ben Wa balls

Double Ben Wa balls are more elaborate, and thus perform more functions. Indeed, with them, you muscle both your perineum, but will also experience great sexual pleasure when you wear them. Depending on the model selected, these balls will clash, like the upscale Ben wa balls Love And Vibes, which will have the effect of giving you a thrilling sensation of the most enjoyable. By taking a lot of volume in your vagina, these products will keep you stimulated during the period you wear them.

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Ben Wa balls with wire

The most common items are Ben Wa balls with wire, or tie cord. Indeed, these products are designed so that the balls are not detached from each other. They are connected not a wire, a cord or sometimes a bar, usually made of silicone, as are provided with the Ben Wa Asteroid balls. The advantage is that you can insert both balls at the same time, and remove them together. However, it will be necessary to ensure the quality of the cord to ensure that it is easily washable, but also that the cord is solid to ensure optimal safety.

Ben Wa balls wireless

This type of Ben Wa balls is much rarer since it is particularly dedicated to women with experience with these items. Indeed, it is highly recommended not to start with wireless Ben Wa balls if you are not already used to wearing them, because it is imperative that the perineum is already very muscular, so that the withdrawal is facilitated. If you do not take these precautions, removing the balls can turn into a real ordeal, or even end up in the hospital. However, wireless Ben Wa balls, like Icicles Number 41 have the advantage of being independent of each other; greatly increasing the pleasure you will have to wear them.

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Vibrating Ben Wa balls

Vibrating Ben Wa balls are usually managed by remote control, or even sometimes by smart phone, like Duo Balls’ Ben Wa balls controlled remotely. Indeed, this domain is not immune to new technologies. These have the very big advantages of being able to be used without you having to move. You just have to insert them into your vagina, sit comfortably in your chair or your bed for example, and relax in front of a movie or a book. With the remote control or your smartphone, you will then only have to choose the mode of vibration that you want, ranging from very low to extremely intense. You may also have the choice between continuous or non-intermittent vibration. Clearly, you control every detail of the vibrations to know the ultimate orgasm. And do not be fooled, even if these products are more sophisticated, they are not necessarily the most expensive.

The criteria of choice

You now know all the differences between the different Ben Wa balls, and may have already fallen for one of them. On the other hand, before finalizing your choice, you will have to take some last necessary provisions to make sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Indeed, it is well known, all women are different, and you are no exception to the rules. So you will have to be very vigilant about the criteria below.

Your experience

Ben Wa balls for beginners are totally different from those for regulars. In this sense, make sure you have some points that will make the difference. At first, take the time to study the coating of the balls of each brand, some offering smooth glass, metal or silicone, when others offer you with patterns in relief, such as balls Kegel, in order that the sensations are more intense. For beginners, it is advisable to stop on balls of Ben Wa silicone, this material is pleasant for the mucous membranes, and slightly malleable so that the insertion is facilitated. And in case you’re an expert, then you can indulge in all the fantasies, thanks to wireless Ben Wa balls, metal or glass, materials that are more difficult to insert, but actually provide a lot more fun.

Your anatomy

Your absolute satisfaction will inevitably go through the comfort you will have to use your Ben Wa balls. And to dispose of it, you will have to take into account your anatomy. Depending on the product, you will find diameters of balls ranging from 2.5 centimeters to more than 4 centimeters. Even if the gap does not seem huge, it will be crucial for your comfort. The smaller Ben Wa balls will be suitable for small to medium-sized learners, while the larger ones will be more suitable for women who are heavy or have the habit of wearing them. But in any case, keep in mind that inserting and removing Ben Wa balls is a pleasure without any pain. If you are not sure of your choice, start with a small diameter to take no chances. You will be able to evolve your collection of sextoys by offering you wider Ben Wa balls.

Your needs and expectations

Finally, it is essential that you make your choice based on what you expect from such a product. For example, if you have just given birth, and want to remodel your perineum while regaining taste for the pleasures of sex, choose products suited to this type of demand. If on the other hand you prefer to offer an article that gives you the most intimate pleasure, turn to fully rigid Ben Wa balls. As said before, so that your satisfaction is guaranteed, do not just rely on the design of the balls to choose, but make the precise list of what you expect from such a product, and choose accordingly.