Nude Aesthetics: Practical Tips for Doing Nude Photography

Nude Photography Introduction

Nude photography is something we’re all familiar with. To be precise, we’re not talking about taking nudes for your partner. Well, some people consider that photography, too, but let’s focus on the kind of practice that requires a model and a photographer.


Many people believe that it would be anyone’s dream to photograph a naked body. However, nude photography isn’t sexual or perverted in the slightest. People who specialize in nude photography consider this a form of art. They believe that people can use their bodies as a form of expression, therefore creating an art form with just their figures.


On the other hand, not everyone is willing to model in the nude because of so many stereotypes. But nude models claim that this kind of expressionism is liberating and validating, helping them boost their confidence.

In this nude photography guide, we’ll tell you about the elements of a professional nude photoshoot.

Concept Pre-Visualisation

One of the most important things in photography, whether nude or not, is having a concept. Almost no photography happens spontaneously, no matter what the pictures tell you. So, a photographer’s task is to come up with a concept they wish to shoot.


Sometimes, the model gets involved in the concept planning too. They’re always welcome to voice any idea they might have to contribute to the shoot. When it comes to nude photography, the photographer needs to clearly communicate what the concept is.


Communication helps the model know what they’re in for, too. Consent is an essential thing here because the model doesn’t have to do anything they don’t want to do. So, if they’re not comfortable with the concept, the photographer has to either alter it or find another model. But when the concept is set, everything that happens during the photoshoot will be in accordance with it.

Subject Engagement

When people want to get into modeling, they first think about how they have to pose. While it’s good to have a couple of poses figured out, it’s not your job to think about that. The photographer is also the director of the shoot. Directing you how to pose is what you can expect from a professional.


Of course, models should have some freedom, too, because photoshoots are a collaboration between people. However, some people aren’t sure about or comfortable with posing on their own. That’s why a good photographer needs to tell you what to do not to make things awkward.


Posing is a big reason why photos turn out so good, especially when a human body is in the focus. So, if you’re a model, don’t feel awkward about your photographer telling you what to do. You aren’t doing anything wrong, they’re just trying to guide you so that everything goes smoothly.

Photographer Professionalism

During a regular photoshoot, your photographer may come up to you to fix your hair, guide your arms or legs into a certain position, etc. This isn’t a thing when it comes to nude photography. Just because the model agrees to pose in the nude doesn’t mean the photographer can come up and touch their body for any reason.


To keep it at the highest levels of professionalism, a good photographer will vocalize what you should do or demonstrate it themselves. That means it’s okay if you don’t understand the vocalization because they can put themselves into a pose that you should mimic.


Of course, sometimes the photographer can touch their model to help them pose, but only after the model has given their consent. Giving consent once doesn’t apply to the whole shoot, so it’s always best to ask again to confirm when necessary. That’s because consent can be taken back at any time.

Candid Acts and Movements

Even though the photographer is trying to direct the entire shoot so that it fits with the concept, they shouldn’t be strict with it. The model shouldn’t feel like you’re controlling them because that can only make them feel uncomfortable. So, it’s helpful to make your directions sound like suggestions. That way, the model will be more willing to take them and do what you’ve asked.


The model should be able to move freely or even quit posing whenever they want if they need a break. For example, imagine your model being in an uncomfortable position for a photo. Snapping the photos quickly means the model can move on to doing something else. You don’t want the model to feel like they aren’t allowed to break a pose until you say so.

Hold No Rules

Art is free for all, and the same applies to all kinds of photography. Gatekeeping nude photography because you’ve been in the business for a long time is never good. Instead, let people practice it freely as both photographers and models. 


Modeling in the nude can help you boost your confidence and find a way to express yourself like never before. Also, it can feel very validating and help you view yourself from a different perspective.


The only rule to nude photography is consent. Photographers who want to try shooting with a nude model will be able to view the human body beyond what it is. Suddenly, the body won’t be a sexual object but a form of art. 


As a photographer, you’ll be able to tell stories and make your models feel incredible, only if you do things right. This nude photography guide is always there to remind you how things should be in a professional setting.