Sex Toys: Guide for the Beginners

The sex industry is constantly growing and developing. Manufacturers invent new and new toys. But the sophisticated buyer is sometimes very difficult to surprise. Indeed, despite the fact that the shelves of sex shops are crammed with toys, to create something fundamentally new, functional and unique, is really difficult. Today we will tell you about such a toy that managed to cope with this task. This is a new word in the sex products industry – Pulsators, the sex toys for beginners from the company Fun Factory! It may not be as attractive as tailed plugs for spanking, they give better sensation to your body. What is their uniqueness and how they differ from the usual vibrators and dildos, read below.

Pulsator is a toy that imitates frictions; it performs reciprocating movements with different speed and rhythm. Hence, the best butt toy for call girls. This differs from conventional vibrators, rotary vibro-computers and vacuum stimulants. A pulsator is a hollow body, inside of which there is a heavy metal load moving due to magnets. It is quite difficult to imagine from the description, but it is enough to take this toy in your hand at least once to feel how it works. In fact, she imitates frictions like during sex with a partner, the power of which is controlled by the control buttons with the power of the rhythm and intensity. The mechanism of the pulsator is a patented technology of the brand.

Pulsator models and their features:

  • Stronic One: The very first model of the pulsator. It has a smooth stem, thickening at the base, to stimulate the entrance to the vagina and the vulva, a slightly curved tip to stimulate the G point;
  • Stronic Two: Unlike the first model has a limiter in order to use the toy anally. Also, this model has a more curved tip, which allows it to be used as a prostate stimulator for men. This pulsator was designed specifically as an anal and male one, however, when a woman uses vaginally, it will be an excellent stimulator of the G point, and the restrictor will additionally stimulate the external erogenous zones. For men, this anal toy boosts testosterone levels to the roof;
  • Stronic Three: It has a relief barrel and a thickening at the base. It can also be used as an anal stimulator. The embossed stem more effectively stimulates the walls of the vagina during frictions; this pulsator is also quite large in size, which means it will suit those women who love the feeling of maximum fullness inside. With its shape, the Stronic three pulsator resembles one of the most popular models of vibrators online;
  • Bi Stronic: This is one of the most versatile and beloved models of the pulsator. Bi Stronic is equipped with a full-fledged clitoral process with vibration. And clitoral stimulation, this is just what many women lack during the penetration activity; this device combines both functions and gives simultaneous stimulation of the most sensitive zones. Also, the clitoral process can act as a limiter, which means that Bi Stronic can also be used anally.

The second generation of Pulsator 2:

The brand really appreciates customer feedback. Having released the first models of the pulsators, they analyzed the comments and wishes of users and based on this they released a new line – the Pulsator 2. The technical characteristics of this series also went further, the toys charge faster, have a more powerful battery, the pulsation in them is more intense and does not so much the handle of the product, and the weight of these toys is significantly less.

Stronic Real: Made in the realistic form of the penis, with a pronounced head. It has a more compact size and diameter – not all customers were comfortable with the rather large size of the pulsators from the first series, so manufacturers released Stronic Real, in size and shape as close as possible to the average male member. It is with this model you can get feelings as close to sex with a partner.