The Surprising Versatility of Yoni Eggs

In order to get the full benefit of love balls and to achieve a training effect, it is important to place the balls well. You are sitting properly when you do not feel it when you are resting. In any case, no uncomfortable feeling should arise – the goal is wonderful filling. Only the slight swinging movements should remind you that you have a little secret in it.

What is perceived as pleasant (diameter, number of balls, material), varies from woman to woman, because each body is built differently. This fact also comes into play when inserting the balls. In order to facilitate placement, a comfortable, relaxed position is an advantage – it is also advisable to slightly warm the balls in the palms of your hands. For women with a narrow body, the use of a lubricant is also helpful. So if you want to know are yoni eggs safe then there are options to know more about it.

Then the balls are simply inserted like a tampon and pushed towards the cervix – how far, that the wearer has to find out for herself individually. If the balls feel uncomfortable, the placement can be corrected or you must start with a smaller size. Even the insertion and placement often gives an indication of whether the balls are too big or too small or just the right size. Maybe just a single ball will be enough for the beginning to get used to the habituation effect without sacrificing the vibrations. How long the toy is worn depends on the sensitivity and desire of the wearer. If the love balls are in the right place, the natural muscles of the inner muscles make sure that the toy stays in place.

Love balls as a workout

The original motivation to wear love balls was the training effect. Especially in bladder weakness, relaxation of the muscles as a sign of aging and to support the regression after pregnancy, the small balls were and are used gladly. If the Pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle), which is responsible for a firm pelvic floor, slackened or overstretched, it must be trained to z. B. to remedy urinary incontinence.

The weight of love balls causes a slight tension of the intimate muscles to hold the objects in place. This trains and strengthens the vaginal muscles, resulting in a firm PC muscle and often a noticeable narrowing of the vagina a delightful side effect for the partner.

No effect is noticeable when sitting or lying down; only when the body starts to move does the balls vibrate inside and the muscles tense up.

For a noticeable effect, it is enough to wear the balls twice a day for about 15 minutes. You should start with balls or weights, which can be held when standing or walking without conscious effort of the inner muscles.

In everything that has to do with the training of muscles, threatened by overuse a sore muscles – it is no different with the intimate muscles. Again, as with any “sport”: slowly approach, do not exaggerate and increase the weight when needed only cautiously. Once you are used to wearing the love balls and have found the desired weight, you can use them as long and as often as you want. However, the small balls should be cleaned in between and removed for hygienic reasons with each use of the toilet.

Love balls as a sex toy

Much more exciting, of course, is the use of the balls as a love toy. The inner life of the balls, which vibrates with every movement, creates vibrations that spread out in a wave-like manner and can cause feelings of pleasure. When it comes to intensifying and fully enjoying the vibrations, woman can become creative. If some people already enjoy the slight swing when walking, it may be a revelation for others to climb stairs or drive over uneven roads by car. Sometimes even wearing high heels including hip swing intensifies the vibrations. And it gets really stimulating with movement-intensive dances like tango or salsa.

The wearing of love balls is felt by women, however, quite differently: the range of emotions ranges from pleasant filling to lust. In very rare cases, the vibrations of love balls can even lead to orgasm and stimulate the G-spot but basically, it is more likely that they directly or indirectly increase orgasmic likelihood. Be it by wearing the balls, which stimulates in advance and thus simulates a kind of foreplay or by tightening the intimate muscles, which can then be easily tense, which can increase lust for both the woman and for the partner, because of Penis is tightly clasped by the vagina. Sometimes the knowledge of the little balls inside is enough to kindle the pleasure in her and in him – a little secret that is shared with each other. The sexual self-confidence, the own body feeling and the charisma are also increased and woman can increase her orgasm-ability by training her intimate muscles,

Even the insertion and removal of the balls can be included in the lovemaking. A tip: During the high point the balls slowly or jerkily pull out, intensify or extend the orgasm. But beware: Depending on the sensitivity and fit of the balls, this can also be uncomfortable to painful.

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Cleaning & Care

Especially with love toys, which also comes into contact with the most intimate parts of the body, it is important to pay attention to the highest level of hygiene in order to enjoy carefree pleasure. If love balls are used, there should be no change between vaginal and anal insertion – especially not from the intestine to the vagina – intestinal bacteria carry a high risk of infection.

Even when buying love balls, make sure that the balls are designed so that no bodily fluids can penetrate into the product. If the balls are connected with a cord, it should have a coating that has an impregnating effect.

In general, a cleaning of the love balls after each application is highly recommended in order to avoid irritation and contamination of the sensitive mucous membranes. Even very hygienic material such as silicone is not excluded. Simply clean the toy thoroughly with warm water and soap and then disinfect with Toy Cleaner.If the love balls are not currently in use, it is recommended to keep them in a bag or a box.